Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Well, doesn't time pass quickly??? Profuse apologies for my lack of blog action recently - I hope that I haven't lost you all! Things have been all change for me over the past 2 months (thats shameful that I've been awol for that amount of time). I have landed a full time job, which is always good news - it's nowhere near what I was earning before, but it's a steady full time job, in an area I enjoy - jewellery. And high-end jewellery at that - very posh. Who knows where is might lead? 

Other things I've been up to - my herb garden is fabulous - fresh coriander is taking over my kitchen, and I'm in the tentative stages of chilli pepper cultivation - oh, how my life has changed over the last 12 months!! Am nearly at the end of the fashion course - I completed my toile (I think thats how you spell it - fancy word for mock up) for my dress, and have been scouring charity shops for some bargains to alter/style up. 

General current obsessions to confess: 

1 - Mary Portas - Queen of High Streets, Queen of Common Sense in my opinion - this woman rocks. The programme last night on how the next step to revive the high street is to convince consumers its ok to shop again was excellent - Mary, you are my new hero. 

2 - Stripes - Am just loving stripes - on bags (I got the free Uran Outfitters stripy bag with the rope handles from Elle this month - loving it) and vest and tops (mais oui, it just makes me feel so French, n'est pas?)  - stripes rock. 

3 - The weather - I know its not considered PC - but I love laying out in the sun - it's been like living in the Med recently - fabulous. 

4 - The Hills - its back, and I love it - how crazy is Brody's Playmate girlfriend?!!?!?!? Brilliant!!! 

5 - Rocket and honey and mustard dressing - yum. 

6 - The colour coral - I have a brilliant new nail varnish from H&M which I have been wearing on my toes - beeee-autiful. 

So that's about it for me - if I have any readers left, due to my complete incompetence, please confess with me your latest obsessions - admitting the problem is the first step to recovery!! I promise to get back into my blogging routine - I'm very annoyed with myself that I let it slide - I hearby pledge allegiance to the blogging flag once again. 


  1. Thank god, you're back! Good news about the job, wow be careful not to buy everything!

    I love the Hills at the mo, only 2 more episodes with Lauren in :( It won't be the same without her, and so funny that Heidi and Spencer are in I'm a celeb USA!

    Don't you love Brody! I've realised now his Dad is Bruce in Keeping up with the Kardashians on E! . Another fab programme.

    Keep in touch!

  2. Yes, I have a secret crush on Brody!! What a charmer! and yes, his dad is Bruce "Bad Face lift" Jenner, Kim K's step dad! Brilliant! I heart trash tv!

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